Discord Rules

The Prefex Discord server has a set of rules that players are expected to know. In general, if your actions would lower the quality of another user’s experience, you can expect that it would be punishable. If you need any further explanation on a rule, feel free to ask a staff member, or ask on the forums!

  Discord Rules

The discord server follows the In-game chat and gameplay rules, meaning that if something was punishable in-game, it would be punishable with the same severity on the discord server, whether it happened in a chat or voice channel. However, the punishments are not automatically calculated like they are in-game, and instead decided directly by the staff member who punishes. Below are the guidelines of what each severity would look like if the in-game chat rule was broken on a discord chat:



Severity 1

15 mins – 6 hours

Severity 2

45 mins – 2 days

Severity 3

1 – 7 days

Severity 4

1 week – 1 month

Severity 5

Permanent ban



Discord servers also have some additional rules, including:

  • Channel Join Spam: 1-2 day Ban (User purposely logs in and out of a voice chat to cause noise)
  • Impersonation of Staff Members: Permanent Ban until username is changed (Identical username to a staff member)
  • Microphone spam: 5-7 day mute (User shouts loudly or plays music through the microphone)
  • Direct message advertising: Permanent ban (User messages an advertisement of any kind to anyone on the server)
  • User owns 2 or more accounts that are simultaneously banned or muted: Permanent ban on all involved accounts
  • Any severity 5 punishment in the in-game rules equates to a Permanent Ban on discord.

Permanent discord bans can be appealed after 4 months, with the exception of impersonating staff members, which can be appealed immediately after the username has been changed (if it isn’t a repeat offense)

Discord rules only apply to official Prefex discord servers, any other discord server is not affiliated with Prefex. If discord.prefex.net is not working, the raw link to join the Official Communal Discord is https://discord.gg/mKGbFY7FjK.