Forums Rules

Prefex has a set of rules that apply to the forums that users are expected to know. In general, if your actions would lower the quality of another player’s experience, you can expect that it would be punishable. If you need any further explanation on a rule, feel free to ask a staff member!

  Forums Rules:

Useless Posts

User makes a post that serves no purpose

1 Point


User re-posts the same or similar content in at least 1 thread, forum, or ticket system

1-2 Points


User insults another user in any way

1-3 Points

Inappropriate Discussion

User mentions or discusses politics, sexual topics, or terrorism in a positive light, or uses inappropriate links

2 Points


User floods a thread, forum, or ticket system with same or related content with 4+ messages

Permanent Mute


User posts a server IP or link that goes to another server’s materials

Permanent Mute

Bots or Disruption of Forums

User purposely disrupts the forums by making it unusable or using bots

Permanent Mute


Warning Points

Warning points are given for violation of any rule listed above. Each warning point takes 2 weeks to expire. This means that, if a user gets 2 points, for example, the 2 points do not expire until 4 weeks from the punishment date. 3 or more points can lead to a permanent mute on the player’s forums account, meaning that the player can no longer write on the forums. Permanent forum mutes can only be appealed after 2 months.