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[Denied] Silly_Brandon's Application

Hello Unfaxed, if you're seeing this you might already know why I have called you here. Yes it's about the staff application, it hurts me as you denied it.....and I know the reasons for that, I didn't meet the requirements, but pls consider this as the last opportunity because my words and English wasn't pleasing, but my work as a staff will bring happiness and more players on the server, you can test me once in the game. I am sorry for begging by saying "Plz Respond" in the title and the real reason for me to say that is because I really need work to do and, after retiring from one of the best servers in the world a.k.a UltimisMC I haven't been able to find any server that would match me, that's when I found yours a really kind and helpful staff that's when I thought this is where I belong. I don't think that I will get another opportunity after the denied application. But any server, anyone will give a last chance...There is even a quote that says: But there is always one last chance right??- RL Stine. This seems to be a quite long message and I do not want to annoy you by begging. But please do not consider this as a beg but as a request. Also I have joined your discord.

I am really sorry for the last application I begged for. I would love it if you give me one last chance.

Feel free to DM me on my discord at-GodGamerMCNew#8277.

Hello Brandon,

I apologize that you felt that way after having your application denied. However, as stated in the first response, you cannot apply until after 1 month from now. Your current behavior was not deemed fit for a staff position, and therefore the application was denied. If, after one month, your behavior changes, then we will reconsider and give you a second chance. Note that, even if your first application is denied, you will still be considered a candidate, and it will be noticed if your behavior has a positive change. If you have any questions on how to do this, feel free to message me on discord (Unfaxed#1376).

Application Denied