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Appeal Guidelines

Punishment Appeals

Punishment appeals can be used to notify a staff member if you believe you are the wrong player to be banned, muted, or IP banned. They can also be used if you believe the punishment was unfair. To tell if you were muted on the forums, it will not show any "New Topic" button. If you are muted on the forums, you may send your appeal in the staff member's direct messages on discord. In your appeal, you MUST have the following in order for it to be considered:

1. Where the punishment occurred (in-game, forums, or discord)

2. Your In-game name, forums @username, or discord#0000 depending on where the punishment occurred. Set this to the title of the topic!

3. What you were punished for

4. The staff member who punished you (both #3 and #4 can be found by attempting to send a chat message or join the server)

5. Why the punishment should be removed


The staff member who punished you will respond to your appeal within 3 days. Remember, a respectful attitude always helps!