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Application Tips

These tips will help you achieve a staff position, as well as provide general information on what staff do on the server. As a reminder, if you do not meet the requirements, wait until you do, because any application that does not meet the requirements will automatically be denied.

Application Tips:

  • Be yourself, and be honest! If you lie about anything in your application, it may be hard to trust you with staff responsibilities.
  • Show that you would be a great staff member by being active in-game, on the forums, and on the discord server!
  • Do not ask for your application to be read
  • Experience on other servers is great, but it is not the only thing that we look for.
  • Be ready to help the server if you are accepted -- do not apply just for the tag.
  • Be knowledgeable in the server rules, you will be interviewed if your application is good!
  • Help others whenever possible
  • Have a good reputation with the community and other staff members
  • Answer the important (underlined) questions with enough relevant detail! We need to see that you are serious about being staff.

What Staff Do

Staff members on Prefex are the members responsible for removing hackers or any other rule breakers on the minecraft server, the discord server, and the forums. They provide bans, mutes, or other punishments depending on the rule broken. Because staff members have the power to mute & ban players, they are given much higher expectations. Staff members must be mature at all times and able to calmly handle a situation, as well as be a fair judge whenever evaluating when to punish, accept an appeal, etc. Because of this, only qualified applicants will receive a staff rank - if you aren't qualified yet, or you don't meet the requirements, it's not too late, just keep working!

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