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August 21, 2021

- 2 more voting links have been added, and the credit reward has been balanced to accomodate this.
- The lobby bossbar will now display a random message, rather than the IP every time
- Paintball discord channel and Paintball forums added
- Players will now only get 3 credits per kill on Paintball
- Cost of a Paintball Core Restoration is now 150 credits
- A limit has been added to Paintball where players can only spend up to 350 credits that they earned before the game started
- Fixed the issue where players with 3x or 5x shot on paintball would only shoot 2 shots at a time
- Fixed a bug in which the Paintball shop would not open on a particular map
- Fixed a bug in TNT Run in which it would sometimes not reset a map after being used
- Fixed a bug in TNT Run where it would do nothing if a player logged out during a game
- Fixed a bug in the lobby where it would send the "/hub" message twice if someone joined for the first time.