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December 18, 2021

- Players can now join the server on 1.18!
- Released new Arcade Games: Minesweeper and Snake! (More will be coming soon!)
- The Christmas lobby has been uploaded!
- Added protections against the Log4Shell Java Exploit (This is a recently discovered Java exploit - make sure to follow Mojang's instructions for players using any minecraft client to stay safe!)
- Fixed a bug on party games in which the wrong game title was sometimes displayed on the sidebar
- The game time for Pig Soccer (party game) has been reduced by 15 seconds.
- Made the countdown between party games slightly shorter
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the servers from restarting upon crashing
- The lobby server has been allocated more resources to prevent the lag issues. This will prevent a lot of the lag issues that were occuring previously and less downtime.

This is the last changelog of 2021. Happy Holidays!

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