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[Denied] Foxxy's Application

In-game name: [FoxxyPlayz2008]

Discord: [Abhay#1220]

Age:13 and 1 month

Timezone: [India]

Fluent Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada

How often you play the server: 2 to 3 hrs a day

How do you currently help the server, and how are you suitable for a staff position?

I have a lot of experience in smaller servers and now, I want to help bigger servers.

How are you already trustable?

If I say that I am really trustworthy now, you may not believe me. So you can test me for a few days or weeks and check if I am actually trustworthy.

Do you have any past experience?

Yes I do, I was staff on golden apple 2 and KoolSteves and was promoted to senior mod in both. I left because I wanted to work in a bigger server.

Tell us about yourself

I am a 13 year old minecraft nerd who wants to help out any server that accepts me in my free time by being a loyal and good staff member. I have been playing Minecraft for over two years....

Hello! Thank you for making a staff application on Prefex.

Unfortunately, we have decided to deny your application because it appears that the account "FoxxyPlayz2008" has never joined the server. You are also not on the discord server, either. There's no way to tell whether you will be an active staff member if we can't see how long you've been playing the server. Additionally, you need to know the server rules in order to enforce them.

Thank you for applying, and good luck in becoming staff in the future!

Application Denied

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