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July 23, 2021

- Bug fixed in TNT Run where it would not show the leaderboard at the end of a game
- New Map "Log Cabin" added to TNT Run!
- Changed the raw communal discord invite so that new members would see #welcome as the default channel.
- Changed the arena for the Block Race party game to have more blocks to mine to get to the wood block
- The wood block will now spawn 6 times in Block Race before the game ends
- Fixed a bug on Block Race where players could not mine glass placed by players
- Players now have a compass that shows the direction of the block in Block Race
- Renamed the /party join command because of the confusion that you could join another player's party -- this command is to accept a party request, not to create one.
- The [Deny] text on a party request has been changed to [Decline]
- TNT on Skywars has been nerfed to do 35% damage