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Map Requirements

If you would like to submit a map, DM me on discord (Unfaxed#1376)! If your map gets added to the server rotation, you can apply for the [Build Team] rank on the forums.

There are a few requirements to keep in mind while building, depending on the game:


  • Must have at least 2 levels
  • Floors made with gravel, sand, or red sand, with TNT under each of these blocks
  • No way for players to get onto a block that is not gravel, sand, or red sand (no way to exit the map, and no safe points)
  • Ability to support at least 16 players


  • 1 Green team Spawn, 1 Blue team spawn
  • 1 Green core, 1 Blue core
  • Adequate space in front of the spawns where the merchant can be spawned
  • Ability to support 10 players


  • 12 Player islands, as well as at least 1 center island.
  • 1 Chest on each player island, as well as 4-10 chests on the center island(s)
  • Islands must be made in a square or circle pattern around the mid island (symmetrical, no ovals)
  • Each player island must have at least 3 wood logs (or 12 planks), 2 or more diamond ore, and 2 or more iron ore somewhere on the island where the player can reach it.
  • Chests can be left empty, they will be filled by the server if the map makes it onto the rotation.
  • 1-2 enchantment tables in hidden or remote areas on the center island. Optional: At least 1 anvil

Party Games

Currently we are not looking for any maps regarding party games, because the game works differently than other servers. You may still suggest games to add in the Party Games forum!

All Games

  • Must use only blocks from 1.8 and below! This is because the servers are in 1.8, and so all maps must accommodate this.
  • No way for players to escape the map. Barrier blocks are okay to use to accomplish this.

If you choose to build for prefex, please notify me before you start to build!

Thank you for helping improve the Prefex server, and we love seeing your work!