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November 19, 2021

- Fixed a critical bug in which players were able to crash the server through exploiting a plugin

- Fixed a bug on skywars where eliminated players could attack non-eliminated players

- Made memory usage improvments on the Punishment plugin
This makes the server use its resources more efficiently.

- The ability to buy a new core on Paintball has been temporarily removed while a new solution is being worked.
The old ability to purchase a new core was seen as unfair, as it gives a significant disadvantage to new players - a new solution is being brainstormed.

- Staff members can no longer see players who are eliminated on Skywars and TNT run.
This is to prevent possible false bans, as spectators looked the same as players to spectating staff members

- Fixed a bug on the forums that was making all tickets and staff applications visible to everyone

- Fixed a bug on the forums where staff applications were visible in the user's Latest Posts list

- Links to the staff application and appeal tickets will now be visible to users on the website who are not logged in.