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Party Games Guide

Party Games is a collection of smaller minigames featured on Prefex. The objective of each of these minigames is often very different, although each minigame will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the players who did well. 1st place gives that player 4 Points, 2nd place gives that player 2 Points, and 3rd place gives the player 1 Point, for each minigame played. Players play 4 party game minigames before the entire game ends. At that point, the player who has the most points wins the whole game.

Party Games Waiting Room

At the time of writing this, Prefex currently has 10 party games.

Block Race (New): A wood plank block will spawn in a random location in the arena. The objective is for players to mine up/down to it, and break it before anyone else! The block will teleport 6 times before the game ends.

Color Jump: Color Jump is a party game that has a parkour course, but there's a twist: players can only jump on the color that they've been assigned! There are 4 different colors, and they all jump side by side in the game until a player finishes. The objective is to finish the parkour course, while staying only on your block color, the fastest to win.

Farming: The objective of Farming is to break the most crops. Whoever farms the most of the wheat with their hoe wins, although it gets harder to find as  many crops as more and more blocks are broken by the players.

King of the Hill (KOTH): The objective of KOTH is to stay on the platform for the longest out of all of the players to win. However, all players have a knockback stick, so it becomes harder to stay on for the longest when any other player can knock you onto the grass outside of the platform!

One in the Chamber (OITC): To win OITC, you have to reach 5 kills the fastest. As soon as a player reaches 5 kills, the game ends and scores are totaled. In OITC, whenever you get hit by an arrow, you instantly get killed. However, players only have 1 arrow, which only gets refilled after they get a kill. If they unsuccessfully use their arrow, they have to use their sword until they get killed by another player and respawn.

Paintwar: In Paintwar, you get assigned a random color at the start of the game, and then this color is painted under your feet as you run. You can run over other players' paint trails, too. The objective is to have the most paint of your color on the floor to win, filling the highest percentage of the map with your color!

Parkour: This one is as simple as it sounds, finish the parkour course as fast as you can to win.

Pig Soccer (New): Like regular soccer, you hit pigs into your goal (the pig is like the soccer ball). The difference from regular soccer, however, is that there are 8 different nets, and each player can only get points by hitting their pig into the correct color!

Skiing: At the start of the game, players will spawn on top of a snowy mountain, with increased walk speed (to mimic the "skiing" effect). The objective is similar to parkour, which is to reach the grass at the bottom of the mountain the fastest, although the catch is that you cannot touch any tree or rock while skiing. If you do, you get teleported back to the top.

Spleef: Spleef is similar to TNT Run, although there is only 1 level, and players remove blocks by breaking them with their shovels. The objective is to stay alive for the longest, without falling into the water below the snow blocks! The blocks melt under players' feet after a while, to increase the difficulty near the end of the game.


Currently credits are not rewarded in Party Games, as there is nothing to spend them on in Party Games, and it is meant to be more relaxing and slightly less competitive than the other Prefex games.

Donators with Diamond rank or above can use the /next command once per game, which allows them to set what the next party game will be, rather than it being randomly selected.


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