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Player Reports

Player Reports can be used to violate any player or discord/forums user of violating any rule. To make a player report, the following information is required in order to correctly process it:

1. Your username (in-game, discord#0000, or @username for forums)

2. Reported player username

3. Rule that the player broke

4. Location on the network (Skywars, Discord, TNT Run, etc)

4. Evidence of the occurrence - nothing can be done if you fail to provide evidence.

Evidence cannot be tampered with or edited. If you are caught making fake reports, you will receive the same or worse punishment that you attempted to fabricate.

Screenshots must be full-screen and unedited. Screenshots are only valid evidence for chat offences, with the exception of DDoS/Dox/Swat threats. Everything else will need a link to an unedited video to be considered valid. If a video is more that 1 minute long, please provide timestamps, or your report could be denied!