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September 5, 2021

- Two new Skywars Maps (Arcane & Veer) have been released!
- A critical bug in TNT Run has been fixed that was causing maps to not be reset and the leaderboard to not show up
- Fixed a bug where two vote links appeared as a different size for mobile users on the website
- Fixed a bug where staff could not issue punishments on paintball
- Fixed a bug where players respawned at the edge of the block after dying in Skywars
- Party games will now show the party game countdown for 15 seconds before the game starts
- Party game descriptions for Block Race and OITC have been redone to be more detailed
- Players will no longer be shown the dirt screen in OITC after dying
- Rank credit multipliers have been completely removed, as they are pay to win.
- Players can now click an item in the Lobby Donator Rank menu to be given a link to the webstore