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Skywars Guide

Skywars is a game featured on the Prefex Network. In Skywars, the objective is to be the last one standing, by having all of the other players die before you. Players are eliminated by falling into the void, or getting killed by other players, since PVP is enabled in this game. Players will spawn on individual islands circling larger islands. Each player island has a chest with basic pvp gear in it, and the chests in the mid islands usually have better items, although it is a race to get to these better chests, and to not get killed while doing it.

"Sky Forest," a map on Prefex Skywars

Powerup Shop: Skywars has kits that automatically give a player items that will help them at the start of the game. These kits can be bought through credits. To access the skywars shop, right-click while holding the emerald before a game. It should open the shop, which has:

  • Archer Kit - 1 bow & 16 arrows  - 250 Credits - Expires after 1 Day
  • Miner Kit - Iron pickaxe, axe, and shovel - 250 Credits - Expires after 1 Day
  • XP Kit - 24 Bottle o' Enchanting - 75 Credits - Expires after 2 Days
  • Ender Pearl Kit - 2 Ender pearls - 350 Credits - Expires after 1 Day

The kits expire (rather than being permanent) so that players can't rack up thousands of credits with nothing to spend them on, as well as making sure the game is fair and that one set of wins in the past doesn't keep giving a player an advantage forever.

Credits are awarded linearly per kill, and also rewarded linearly for how long a player survives. There is also a bonus for the player who comes in 1st place, if there were enough players at the start of the game to make it a big enough competition.

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