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[Denied] Silly_Brandon's Application

In-game name: [Silly_Brandon]

Discord: [GodGamerMCNew#8277]


Timezone: [Asia]

Fluent Languages:English

How often you play the server:2-3 hours a day

How do you currently help the server, and how are you suitable for a staff position?

ans: I am really good at what i do and also have a bit experiences as a Head Admin and i work professionaly and my job will please all of you. Trust me.


How are you already trustable?

ans: You can give me a test in the server and chk if u think that im worth getting this job also i can help getting people on.

Do you have any past experience?

ans: yup i was a moderator on a server called UltimisMC but i retired.

Tell us about yourself

ans: My real name is brandon and im 15 i have almost 5 yrs experience playing mc and am good at wht i do.Pls consider my application.

[End of application]

Hello! Thank you for making an application on Prefex. Unfortunately, we have decided to deny this application, as you have failed to meet all of the requirements. Firstly, you need to be on the discord server, in order to be known and interact with the community. You also must be able to be mature and handle situations calmly, and after looking at your chat history on the server, this does not seem to be the case. Additionally, naming your staff application "Plz respond fast," and asking for it to be reviewed will not help, as it shows that you are impatient, which is not a good quality for a moderator. We thank you for your interest in joining the staff team, and we wish you luck in the future! You may re-apply in 1 month, if you are still interested, or any time after that. If you have any questions, you may message me on discord - Unfaxed#1376.

Application Denied