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Staff Application & Requirements

Staff Requirements (All requirements must be met, or the application will immediately be denied)

  • Must be able to be online frequently and active with the community
  • Must be at least 13 years old (verified by voice)
  • Must be able to record in-game if necessary
  • Must have a discord account
  • Familiar with general player commands and abilities on the server
  • Must be mature and able to handle situations calmly
  • Must not have had any recent punishments, or any warning points on the forums at the time of applying

Application: Please copy and paste all of the information and answer it in your application to be considered for a staff position:

In-game name: [Full Username]

Discord: [discord#0000]


Timezone: [North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceana]

Fluent Languages:

How often you play the server:

How do you currently help the server, and how are you suitable for a staff position?

How are you already trustable?

Do you have any past experience?

Tell us about yourself

[End of application]

If you are deemed eligible for a staff position, you will be brought into the interview stage, at which you will be quizzed on various situations regarding the server rules.

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