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[Denied] OfPeno Staff Application

In-game name: [OfPeno]

Discord: [Peno#7736]


Timezone: [GMT+1]

Fluent Languages: English (British)

How often you play the server: I currently do not play often, only due to the fact of inactivity of other players, so, it's simply impossible to play if people aren't online.

How do you currently help the server, and how are you suitable for a staff position?: As I said I hardly am online recently because of the inactivity, due to that I wasn't able to contribute or help any other player(s). Why I think I am suitable is due to my knowledge of how being a staff works, I've seen many staff at their job, and I have also had little experience before too.

How are you already trustable?: Well, there isn't really a way to tell if somebody is trustable, it will have to be earned over the course of time.

Do you have any past experience?: Not really, many years ago I would moderate my friend's old servers, but, that's not really much.

Tell us about yourself: I go by the name Peno, I am 17, and as you're aware, I play Minecraft. I like sports, gaming, and even gardening/farming. There isn't much to say about myself, to be honest.

Also, I am unsure when this will be accepted but, I currently do not have a mic, I am buying one very soon, so within a week (max) I will have one available.

Hello! Thank you for making an application on Prefex. After reviewing your application, I have decided to move you to the interview stage! The interview stage will have questions designed around testing your knowledge on the rules and what you would do in certain situations, as well as determining whether you would be a good fit for the position. You will need a microphone for this.

You may DM me on discord (Unfaxed#1376) whenever you are ready to schedule the interview. This can be within the next 2 weeks, or whenever you can get a microphone set up.

Application Pending

As you have requested over discord DMs that you are no longer interested, I am denying the application. You may still reapply, although note that the interview stage is needed because it shows that you meet the age requirement, as well as demonstrates that you have the knowledge of the rules of the server.

Application Denied