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Hey, it's me, Peno, I have a few massive suggestions that will help you to increase members on your server and build a balanced audience.

First, of, you need a new game mode, one that you could play alone at times, one that doesn't require multiple members to be online, like:

Factions, Survival, Skyblock, etc. Those types of game modes are very common on servers, it helps to build the audience and brings in more people to play.

Picture it like this, if you first join the server, and nobody is online (with how it is now) you're only likely to do one thing, maybe look around and eventually leave. With nothing to do there needs to be some game modes (as said before) that don't require multiple players to play at once.

We are actually planning on creating something like this, since minigames can only be started when there are 2 or more players online. Currently the next minigame is almost finished, so that will be what is released next, although after that, I plan on creating a persistant gamemode for the server. It won't be factions, survival, prison, or skyblock because there are already thousands of servers that offer those games. I have the plans made for a couple unique persistant gamemodes, we'll see how they do after they get released!

Definitely a good suggestion and possibly where the server goes in the future, I just need the time to develop everything.

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Take your time, although I agree with you that most servers have factions, survival, prison, skyblock, I think those are generally the basic ones that every server should have. I see where you're going with your server though, you wanna make a unique one, but, it may not be that easy to grow that way, that's why I suggested the very common ones.

I am excited to see how this goes for the server.

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