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TNT Run Guide

TNT Run is one of the games featured on the Prefex network. In TNT Run, the objective is to stay alive for the longest, as the other players are eliminated by falling into the void. As the players run, the blocks are removed from under their feet, which makes the game progressively harder and harder as more and more blocks get removed! The maps have multiple levels of blocks, and so it is strategic to try to stay on the highest level for the longest, without falling, because that would make you closer to the void if you fell a level.

"Lattice," a TNT Run Map

Powerup Shop: TNT Run on Prefex also has powerups, which can be bought through credits. To access the tnt run shop, before a game, right-click while holding the emerald. It should open the shop, which has:

  • Speed I- 100 Credits - Expires after 2 Days
  • Speed II - 200 Credits - Expires after 1 Day
  • Jump Boost I - 200 Credits - Expires after 1 Day
  • Jump Boost II - 350 Credits - Expires after 1 Day
  • 2x Double Jumps - 350 Credits - Expires after 2 Days
  • 1 Super Jump - 300 Credits - Expires after it's used (one-time use)

The kits expire (rather than being permanent) so that players can't rack up thousands of credits with nothing to spend them on, as well as making sure the game is fair and that one set of wins in the past doesn't keep giving a player an advantage forever.

Double Jumps: While in a game, every player will have a feather given to them in their first slot. If you are in the air and click while holding the feather, it will give you a small boost up and forward (but not usually enough to get on to a level that's higher than you). The default is 4 jumps per game, although a player can make it 8 jumps by purchasing the 2x Double Jump kit.

Super Jumps: Super Jumps, which is a firework rocket in the player's inventory during a game, gives a player a much larger boost, straight into the air. It is more than enough to get up by 1 level, if you fell down. Super jumps have a 1 in 20 chance of randomly spawning into a player's inventory at the start of a game, or they can be bought with a 1-time use for 300 credits.

Credits are awarded linearly based on how long a player survives. If there are enough players at the start of the game (so enough competition), the player who wins the game in 1st place can get an additional bonus! Credits can be spent on the TNT Run shop, or anywhere else on the network, such as on other games.

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