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[Accepted] uhmum Staff Application.

In-game name: [Full Username] uhmum

Discord: [discord#0000] Nldm#2938

Age: 14

Timezone: [North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceana] Oceana

Fluent Languages: English

How often you play the server: Hour Maybe more.

How do you currently help the server, and how are you suitable for a staff position? I am suitable for this position because I communicate. Communication is the key factor to the lead of this position, and I would offer all of my assistance towards lowering the risk of harmful, toxic players. I currently help the server by suggesting it to friends all around and many more to come.

How are you already trustable? I am trustable because I have had many positions in the past like this beforehand and I've never failed to cooperate from my past leaderships.

Do you have any past experience? I was enrolled earlier last year twice first as a trainee then I later worked up to Jr.Admin and it it was very challenging and I did have a few ups and downs but I worked my way around them of course. The server later died as the two owners weren't able to afford to keep the server uprunning. My second position I was enrolled as a Helper and after 1 month got promoted to Jr.Mod, unfortunately the server was in its deepest depths and the owner was forced to "Disown the server".

Tell us about yourself: I live in Australia, Born in England.

Hello! Thank you for making a staff application. After consideration, we have decided to move you into the interview stage!

Please DM me on discord (Unfaxed#1376) to schedule a time to complete it. The interview will be in a voice call, and will include questions about the rules.

Application Pending


Welcome to the staff team! I am pleased to accept your application. Please meet with me on discord any time I'm available for your Moderator Call (where you will receive your staff rank, as well as intstructions on staff commands).

Some points that you got wrong in the interview are:

  • Make sure to review the server rules, these are the punishments for almost any situation
  • You can only punish if you witnessed it, or if you have evidence (such as in a player report), not just if everyone claims a player did something

Other than that, it is clear that you would make a good fit as a moderator on Prefex. Congratulations!

Application Accepted