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Youtuber and Build Team Rank

[Youtube] rank and [Build Team] rank are special, unique ranks that are given out to content creators on Prefex. Both of these ranks give all of the features of [Lava] rank for free, as well as a few extra features.

The application for these ranks is no longer on the forums. To apply to receive a Content Creator rank, DM the information that corresponds to the rank to Unfaxed#1376 on Discord:


Youtuber Rank Requirements: You must post minecraft-related content, including at least 1 video on Prefex (or about Prefex) within the last month. By giving you [Youtube] rank, you are expected to continue making a portion of your content on/about Prefex - the rank can be revoked if you do not do this. Your channel must have at least 500 subscribers.

[Youtube] Rank application: (DM this information to Unfaxed#1376 to apply)

Your Minecraft In-game Name:

Link to your channel:

Subscriber count:

Describe any videos you plan to make with this rank:


Build Team Requirements: To enter the build team, you must have already submitted at least 1 map that has been added to the server's map selection. To do this, you can email files to or DM them directly to Unfaxed#1376 (with screenshots required). Once at least 1 map that you or your team built gets onto the server's map rotation, you are eligible! Players with [Build Team] rank are expected to continue building for the server whenever new maps are needed.

[Build Team] Rank application: (DM this information to Unfaxed#1376 to apply)

All of the In-game usernames of the players in your build team:
--Note: If you are not affiliated with a build team, just list your in-game username.

Are you the leader of this build team? Y/N:

Are you interested in building maps for games before they are released? Y/N:


We thank each and every one of our content creators, as our server would not be the same without them! Thank you for considering applying for these special ranks.