Prefex Rules

Prefex has a set of rules that players are expected to know. In general, if your actions would lower the quality of another player’s gameplay experience, you can expect that it would be punishable. If you need any further explanation on a rule, feel free to ask a staff member!

(Scroll down for gameplay & client modification offences)

  Chat Offences:

Spam & Chat Flood

Sending 3+ similar or same messages in 1 chat box, including countdown spam

Chat Flooding: Sending 5+ related messages in 1 chat box

Player: “Add me: coolshade#1234”

Player: “Add me: coolshade#1234 pls”

Player: “coolshade#1234 add me on dc!!”

On accident: Warning*

Regular: Severity 1-2 mute

Chat Flooding: Severity 2-3



Starting Group Spam

Causing or encouraging multiple users to say a specific thing in public chat

(Accident) “Who wants to join my party”

“Everyone who says ‘123’ in chat gets 25 credits!”

On accident: Warning*

Regular: Severity 2 mute



Filter Bypass

Finding a way to circumvent the chat filter

Player uses slang or alternate definitions for a word that would otherwise be blacklisted and filtered out

Severity 2 mute



Disrespect & Harassment

Insulting a player in any way if reported

Death Threats or hoping the player is seriously hurt or killed in real life.

Discrimination or using slurs


Disrespect: Severity 1-2 mute

Death Threats/Wishes: Severity 3 mute

Discrimination or Slurs: Severity 4 mute



Inappropriate Discussion

Mentioning or Discussing an inappropriate subject

This includes links that go to inappropriate or disturbing websites

User mentions or discusses politics, sexual topics, or frames terrorism in a positive light

Mentioning a topic: Severity 2 mute

Discussing a topic: Severity 3-4 mute



Advertising & Phishing

Sending a server IP or link that goes to another server’s website or discord

Phishing: Sending a link that causes damage or attempts to get passwords or IPs

“Free Owner account! Join my server at [IP]”

“Free minecon capes! Click [LINK] and enter your username and password!”

Permanent Mute** (Severity 5)



Leaking Personal Information

Sending any confidential or personal information about another player

Fake information is still punishable

“Ik [Player]’s IP address, it’s 123.456.7.89”

Permanent Mute** (Severity 5)



Excessive Chat Offences

Having 35+ chat offences from the last 2 years, including warnings

If Appealed: Having 15+ chat offences from the last 2 years, including warnings, after the first appeal was accepted


Permanent Mute** (Severity 5)

2nd time: Permanent Mute without Chance of Appeal



Miscellaneous Chat Offences

  • 2 Messages with Excessive characters – Warning*
  • Unrelated links – Any link that goes to non-official materials – Warning*
  • Trolling – Severity 1 mute
  • Excessive Swearing – Severity 1 mute
  • Impersonating staff members – Severity 1 mute

Excessive characters: “AAAAAAAAAAA don’t kill me,” “noooooooooooooo give it back”

Unrelated links: “This video about cats is funny: [LINK]”

Trolling: “Press Alt+F4 to get free credits!!”

Excessive Swearing: 3 or more swear words in a short amount of time

Impersonating Staff: “{Mod} I just got promoted!!”


* If the user has had any warning in the last 2 days, it will be a Severity 1 mute instead. 

** Cannot be appealed until 4 months after the punishment date, or 2 weeks if it was an accident (such as in the case of advertising)

If the chat offense happens in a private chat (such as party chat), it is not punishable unless reported by the recipient, with the exception of Severity 5 mutes.

  Gameplay Offences:

Command Spam

Spamming another player by repeatedly using a command that sends them any message

Player spams /party invite [player2] when they already denied the invite

Regular: Severity 1 ban

Severe: Severity 2 ban

(Command sent 4+ times)



Cross-teaming (Skywars)

Doing anything that could help another player or team, or teaming up with another player to attack.

Player meets with their friend on the middle island, and they team up on the other players in the game

Severity 2-3 ban



Obstruction of Server & Glitch Abuse

Purposely stopping a function of the server from working

Ignoring important staff instructions

Purposely causing lag

Purposely exploiting a bug

Player continuously disrupts staff while they do an important task

Player purposely causes lag by collecting all of the TNT on skywars and igniting it all at once

(Minor) Player finds a way to escape a map by jumping over a barrier block

(Major) Player finds a way to get free credits, and uses it for their own advantage, rather than making a bug report

Obstruction: Severity 2-4 ban

Minor Glitch Abuse: Severity 2-3 ban

Major Glitch Abuse: Severity 4-5 ban

Purposely Causing Lag: Severity 5 ban



DDoS/Dox/Swat Threats

Threatening to DDoS, Dox, or Swat another player


Severity 5 ban



  Client Modification Offences:

Joining with an Unapproved Client

Using or Joining with a client that provides an unfair advantage (but not necessarily hacking)

Player joins with a client that shows the location of other players on a map

Severity 2 CM ban



Client Spam

Showing signs of a hacked client being used through chat

“Download Air Client v2 | 23”

“Download Air Client v2 | 74”

“Download Air Client v2 | 48”

Severity 5 CM ban

AND Permanent Mute** (Severity 5)



Joining with a Hacked Client

Using or Joining with any client that provides a way to cheat

Player joins with a hacked client, but doesn’t use any hacks

Player uses visual hacks, such as Chest ESP, Headless, etc. on any server on the network

Severity 4 CM ban



Game-breaking Hacks

Using any severe form of cheating that makes the game unplayable for others

Player uses Fly, Scaffold, Bhop, Killaura, etc. on any server on the network

Severity 5 CM ban


CM ban = Client Modification Ban, a different category than Gameplay bans

  Miscellaneous Offences:

Inappropriate Skin or Username

Joining the server with an inappropriate or offensive skin or in-game name, including names with blacklisted words in them

Impersonating staff with a similar username to a current staff member


Permanent Ban

Can be immediately appealed after changing the skin/username

If it is a repeat offense, the user cannot appeal it until 2 months after the punishment date



Mute & Ban Evasion

Mute Evasion: 3 or more accounts on the same IP with a Severity 2+ mute at the same time

Ban Evasion: 2 or more accounts on the same IP with a Severity 3+ ban at the same time


Permanent IP Ban

Can only be appealed after 2 months for Mute Evasion, and after 4 months for Ban Evasion



IP Ban Evasion

Finding any way back onto the server, using any account, after being IP banned


Permanent IP Ban

After evading an IP ban, the user cannot appeal until 8 months after the first IP ban’s punishment date



Performing DDoS, Dox, or Swat

Performing DDoS, Dox, or Swat on any player or the server, purposely making any service unusable


Permanent Blacklist

User is permanently denied all services