Terms & Conditions

No service provided by Prefex is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft, and should not be considered to be. Minecraft and its materials & resources are trademarks of Mojang AB.

“Staff Member” is defined by any Helper, Moderator, Senior Moderator, Administrator, Owner, or any other officer, director, or party that is affiliated with the Prefex Minigame Network (or “Prefex”) and its services.

Services provided by Prefex are defined as official platforms of communication, commerce, or other content, including the official Minecraft server, official discord servers, website, forums, and webstore. By accessing any of these services, the user agrees to be bound by the following terms:

1. Prefex reserves the right to block any or all service to anyone, without refund.
All players are expected to know the rules before accessing any service provided by Prefex. The rules can be found at this link. Any form of donation or payment to the server has no effect on how the rules are applied. Staff members have the ability to issue punishments (such as mutes, permanent or temporary bans, IP bans, etc.) to players. If there is a staff member that is applying the rules incorrectly or unfairly, please report them in order for the administration team to take action against them. Unless the staff member is determined to be applying the rules unfairly via a staff report, they otherwise have the final say on a player’s punishment case, and all appeals associated with it. Staff members have no responsibility over any loss caused by the player violating the rules.

2. All purchases are final
No refunds are available to any player. If a player bypasses this (such as Chargebacks), Prefex reserves the right to permanently ban the account from any service. All transactions on the Prefex webstore are to support the server, and are therefore donations. Donations are just that: they are not required to have anything in return. However, because packages (such as ranks) are offered as a thank-you, if a user does not receive it after donating, Prefex will provide reasonable help to a player if there is an error while receiving a webstore item. If a player donates, completes the checkout, and does not receive the item after 1 day, they can send a support email to support@prefex.net for the issue to be resolved. All payments are logged over multiple trustable platforms, and so if the payment does not show up in any log, it will be assumed that the payment was never processed or received.
Prefex reserves the right to change the price or contents of a package or rank offered on the webstore without notice.

3. Liability
Prefex does not review the links posted on any communication platform, and does not guarantee that they are safe. The user is at their own risk when visiting websites or services that are not official Prefex services. If a user violates a Prefex rule, they can only be punished if a staff member witnesses it, or if a player report is filed and accepted.
You agree not to present any lawsuit or legal challenge against Prefex or any staff member.

Additionally, your account is your responsibility. Any punishment, IP ban, or loss that happened because of your account not being secure, or being used by multiple users, is not the responsibility of Prefex or its staff members. It is recommended to have a strong password, as well as never sharing accounts with others.

4. Privacy Policy
Prefex cares about protecting user information. No information will ever be sold or otherwise provided to any player. Prefex staff members have access to more user information than players, in order to better perform their duty. This includes information such as first & last join date, or punishment history of an account.
Sensitive information, such as IP addresses, will only be provided to trusted high-ranking Prefex staff members. IP addresses are recorded in order to protect the security of the server. IP bans may be used such as in the case where a user has multiple accounts banned for violating the rules, in order to uphold a standard of quality for other users. Sensitive information is securely stored and encrypted.
Prefex takes no responsibility if the user chooses to release their OWN personal information on any communication platform. Users who release the sensitive information of other players are subject to be punished under the Prefex rules, whether they had consent to release it or not.

5. Prefex Service
All services provided by Prefex are provided “as is.” Prefex does not make any warranties for any service or package, and hereby negates all other warranties. The materials that appear on official services provided by Prefex may contain technical or typographical errors. No material on any service is guaranteed to be complete or accurate. Service uptime is not guaranteed, and services may go offline (scheduled or unscheduled) for any reason. Prefex is not responsible for any loss due to any downtime or maintenance.

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